Who are we ?

Absilone is a company focusing mainly on the economic changes produced by digital technologies in the music world. Absilone represents the digital interests of many artists, producers, writers, composers, publishers and labels. To date, we have more than 4,300 references. Reactivity, fluidity and transparency are the keywords of our philosophy.


The music economy moves a little further towards digital every day. Not a week goes by without changes taking place, making it necessary to develop new strategies. Absilone constantly investigates and monitors the current state of play in order to adapt to your projects.

Publishing & rights management

Absilone is a music publisher and a member of SACEM. We are also sub-publishers of various publishing catalogs for France, and manage producers’ and artists’ neighboring rights both in France and around the world.  


An expert in digital marketing, Absilone also provides training on the digital music economy, delivered in France and many other countries (Canada, Japan, New Caledonia, Cameroon, etc.) in French or English.

Music We Love

Quelques titres parmi les dernières sorties des clients Absilone.


Music Supervisors, Absilone vous propose un catalogue complet d’œuvres disponibles en one stop shop pour vos projets de synchro.
Voici un échantillon des titres et artistes disponibles.

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Absilone works in compliance with the principles of fair trade and maintains relationships with people priviliégiés structures and experts in the digital music market.


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Anne Jacqueline

  • Digital distribution
  • Listing and monetization of videos
  • Digital strategies
  • Training

François Bloque

Management propaganda and future trends
  • Digital Marketing
  • Community management
  • Technological watch, innovation, cloud management


  •  Expert advice
  • Strategy

Fabrice Absil

  • Strategy
  • Publishing
  • Management of Neighbouring rights
  • Training
  • Master of Coin

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